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Sophisticated Music for Mature Audiences......for discriminating adults, even!

That means I play your music.
I offer an extensive collection of songs and music from the 1920's to the present,

specifically designed to please both Seniors and Baby Boomers.
I will not play the same ol' same ol's!
I will not be 'that DJ Guy' who thinks he's the star of the show!
I will not attempt to 'conquer' your party by assaulting you and your guests with offensive decibel levels.
Unless, of course, that is appropriate and requested!
While I truly love Cole Porter and Swing/Standards,
rest assured-I can turn it up and rock out!
I use a fabulous Bose system that sounds clear and clean at any volume.

I'm highly experienced as both a DJ (and emcee!) in many, many different venues,

and also as a frontman/lead vocalist in rock bands.

I'm ready for you!



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